Pumpkin Patch – Sylvia Park

Over the last decade we have designed hundreds of stores for Pumpkin Patch.

Our initial brief was to update the original “Western” look. We developed the “beach” look with its cleaner colours but retaining the slightly rustic feel. The design process continually evolved and with entry into the UK and USA markets the company moved to a more sophisticated design and the portal entry was adopted.

Recently we have moved to a more classic, retail look that moves a little back towards their founding principles.

Shops in all of these guises are spread over more than 22 countries, as diverse as Russia to Dubai, the USA to Pakistan.


Contact Us

Contact Us

Summer has officially ended and we are now hoping the weather gods have taken notice and send us some rain. Despite the arrival of Covid 19 there appears to be no slackening in the demand for our services. Clevedon is set to explode with Watercare’s sewerage to be ready by April 2020. We will see, works are progressing and temporarily inconvenient! Clevedon Cares, a local initiative, with aims to develop Clevedon in a stylish way along the lines of Matakana and Hobsonville, have done great work establishing design guidelines for buildings and putting bridal/ walking and cycling paths around the township. We are set for an exciting 2020 and beyond.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 021 270 9876