Mangawhai dream

Blue Sky Mangawhai

An awful 70’s house in the perfect location recreated into a stunning beach home. One of the owners has been the editor of several of New Zealand’s most successful home magazines so it’s no surprise they snapped this opportunity and created a gem.



If you want just one store designed or a whole chain we can do it for you. For well over a decade MacKenzie Architecture Ltd (and it predecessor Borland-Lye MacKenzie) have been designing retail stores. The vast bulk of them (hundreds) for Pumpkin Patch. There would be few New Zealand store designers who have done […]



House design of all types, new, additions and alterations is where it began for lots of architects and we love it as well. New Zealand has a tradition of finely detailed architecturally designed homes and we hope you agree that we have added to that heritage. We love designing new houses and in particular the […]


Other services

MacKenzie Architecture sees itself primarily as a building design company. We believe we can add significant value to building project by innovative, creative and yet practical design. Our designs have ranged over the following but need not be limited to:



For more visual photos of what we have designed, please feel free to look through the different project by clicking below:



Welcome to MacKenzie Architecture. If this is the first time you have seen our work you may be surprised at its breadth. Our two main specialties are residential and retail design, new and alterations but we have designed many other buildings as well: medical facilities, warehouses, cafes and other commercial buildings.

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